d.cantídio - D.Cantídio
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It is with this spirit that the D.Cantidio is making its mark on the world. At a time when the only options for wreaths were natural or fabric flowers and traditional jewelry, Diana Cantidio decided to develop a light and sophisticated alternative for brides to escape from the commonplace. She’s perfected this art over the past 10 years, using only metal wires to create lace with handmade techniques, transforming them into art pieces for brides.

Featuring a style that blends romance and the bohemian, the brand’s creations also fascinate with their softness, suppleness and versatility. Because the same piece can be used in different ways in different hair types it also allows the hairstylist to be the co-creator of the accessory.

Throughout this decade D.Cantidio has been part of the special moment of more than 3,000 brides all over of the world, not to mention many features in bridal magazines, interviews, articles, and appearances in soap operas on the major Brazilian TV network, amassing thousands of followers in social media along the way.